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Servicing Chicago & Chicago Suburbs for over 20 Years!

Inside-Out Painting Company & Inside-Out Construction Services have been providing Chicago and the Chicago suburbs award winning and high quality painting, construction, maintenance, and floor coating services for over 20 years. Inside-Out Painting company is a well renowned Chicago Painter providing swing-stage commercial painting, rust prevention, epoxy floor coatings, and much more. Inside-Out Construction Services is a quality Chicago carpenter that specializes in exterior facade replacement, Chicago property maintenance, commercial build-outs, and much more.

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"It's not often you get to meet the president of a company; especially, when you're doing a paint inspection. I'm a firm believer you can tell a lot about a company by looking at the person "at the top". Your company and your employees are dedicated to their cause and it's a tribute to you and your concern for your customer.  It was a pleasure to meet you and our board looks forward to doing business with your company in 2015."

Buzz - Board President