What to Keep an Eye Out For After a Harsh Chicago Winter

What to Keep an Eye Out For After a Harsh Chicago Winter

What Lies Beneath?

Well, that was another fun record setting winter. If you are new to the Midwest, you just “Earned Your Stripes!” Now, lets take a look at the stripes that your Chicago property just earned.

You may see areas of your Chicago property that look like they have “minor wear and tear” however, you need to make sure you inspect your Chicago property so it doesn’t turn out to be a larger problem.

The surfaces of siding have been painted and are protected because the paint is doing its job, deflecting the Chicago elements. However when you have cases where you have water infiltration on the backside (unpainted), and it isn’t draining properly, then you could have some bigger problems!

A common problem for Chicago Condominium associations to look out for is improper caulking. We always make sure to inspect for this because improper caulking can cause water to pool behind and rot from the inside-out.

Have your Chicago community association contact us to schedule a property inspection if you think you have areas of damage.

Hail Damage?


Call Us Today! We are experts at negotiating with your insurance company so you can receive the maximum benefits from your Insurance policy.

  • “Exactimate” Experts
  • Shingle & Siding Repairs
  • Water Damage Repair

Precast Coating Discounts Available!

Industrial Collage Framed

  • Precast Coatings
  • Metal Painting / Rust Prevention
  • Scheduled Plant Shut-downs

The “Exterior Painting Season” is on the horizon. If the exterior of your Chicago commercial/industrial building is peeling, fading, or rusting give us a call today!


How Can Floor Coatings Help Your Chicago Parking Deck?

Chicago parking deck floor coating systems are an effective and efficient water infiltration solution while being VOC compliant.  These systems are installed to keep water, salt, and other elements from penetrating cracks and joints of the structure because erosion and failure can occur over long periods of water pooling and salt corrosion.

Inside-Out’s Floor Coatings Division will inspect your parking deck and offer solutions that will fit your budget and your needs.


  • Enhance your buildings’ value
  • Extend useful life of your deck
  • Increase “Curb Appeal”

"Thank you so much to you and your company for taking care of me in such a timely fashion."

Don - Broker/Building Owner