Hallway Remodeling

Chicago Hallway Remodeling

Interior_Painting Condo Hallway

Painting or remodeling hallway interiors is a big process because there are a lot of moving parts. First, you need to notify your residents to be aware of the upcoming project, but even before that you must have a plan.You need to plan for possible problems, such as foot traffic spreading dust and debris, what colors to select to make 

Hallway Painting

your common area visually open up, schedule with owners for unit door painting. That is why you choose professionals Inside-Out Painting and Inside-Out Construction Services. Inside-Out will make recommendations on planning and timing to keep your remodel process smooth for your community. In addition to our professionalism you will find that Inside-Out Painting Company will simplify making selections on colors, adding or removing corner-beads or chair rails, installing new lighting, replacing baseboards, or installing new trim.

"The quality of work speaks for itself. You did a great job and made my job easier."

Kelly - Property Manager