Commercial Property Maintenance Services


The Commercial Property Maintenance Division of Inside-Out Painting & Construction has been servicing class A, class B, & class C commercial offices along with college campuses and industrial properties throughout the greater Chicago Area and Downtown Chicago.

When minor projects come up that would be too time consuming for your on-site staff, our professionally trained maintenance technicians will help take care of projects that would otherwise be too expensive for a, property’ manager, plant manager, or facility manager’s in-house staff to take on.

We have a specific process that we stand behind when taking on a work order. Our staff will come to your property and inspect the problem; this usually requires pictures and an evaluation report. Upon our evaluation we will promptly provide you with a proposal to fix the problem. We provide a professional appearance at every job and will always be kind and courteous to your tenants and staff.

Here is a list of common maintenance services we provide to commercial properties:
• Drywall repair
• Flooring and Tile Work
• Lighting Replacement
• Ballast Installation
• Touch up Painting
• Safety Sign Installation
• Property Maintenance Plans
• Property Inspections
• Restroom Repairs
• Door Repair and Installation

"The quality of work speaks for itself. You did a great job and made my job easier."

Kelly - Property Manager