Retail Property Maintenance Services

Retail Property Maintenance

The Retail Property Maintenance Division of Inside-Out Painting & Construction has been servicing outlet and retail stores throughout the greater Chicago Area and Downtown Chicago for the past 10 years. We work with both commercial property management firms and their tenants to keep their retail stores looking great!

Our professionally trained retail maintenance technicians will help take care of projects or work orders that would otherwise be too expensive or extensive for a retail property management’s staff to handle in-house. We also work directly with retail tenants for any work that is strictly the tenant’s responsibility to take care of, such as tenants who have a triple net lease.

When working with retail property managers, we make sure to  always maintain their trust by making sure to not to exceed the amount of time and money budgeted for the work order or project. When problems arise we maintain effective communication with the retail property manager so that they are able to make the most cost-effective decisions. When you choose the retail maintenance division at Inside Out Painting & Construction, you are choosing a quality provider with award winning customer service.

Here is a list of common retail maintenance services we provide to retail properties:
• “Cash Wrap” Repairs
• Property Inspection and Testing
• Flooring and Tile Work
• Touch up Painting
• Safety Sign Installation
• Shelving Repairs and Installation
• Door Repair and Installation
• Restroom Repairs
• Drywall repair


"The quality of work speaks for itself. You did a great job and made my job easier."

Kelly - Property Manager