Inside Out Painting & Construction works hard to provide our clients with long-term solutions. We believe the quality of our work would mean nothing without using quality products to back it up. Here are some products that we use and reccomend to our clients.



rustgrip copy Rust management is part of owning and maintaining a property in Chicago or Milwaukee. Rust Removal and painting needs to be done using the right products. A product that we reccomend is Rust Grip.
Rust prevention starts when you are prepping metal railings, doors, ceilings, etc. for painting. Inside-Out Painting & Construction recommends the use of a rust encapsulating primer called Rust Grip. This product completely ecapsulates the substrate and hardens as moisture is drawn out of the air.

Key Benefits:

• Patent Encapsulant
• Moisture Membrane
• Long Term Durability
• Chemical and Acid Resistant

LP Building Products

LP copyLP  remains the world’s #1 producer of OSB panels.  LP offer’s a wide range of engineered wood building materials that Inside-Out’s Construction Division uses ands stands behind. Their complete lines of lap, trim, panel, siding, soffit, and fascia  are designed to outperform conventional wood, saving time and money. Free of knots and voids, they greatly reduce the risks of splitting, cupping, warping, and shrinking. Inside-Out has personally inspected the production of this wood and has a longtime working relationship with LP, which allows us to offer this product to our clients at an affordable price. We believe this product is a great fit for townhome and condo associations to use on their properties to keep long-term maintenance costs down

Key Benefits:

• Cost Effective
• Superior Durability
• Industry-Leading 5/50 Year Warranty
• Smooth or Textured Optional Finish

"It's not often you get to meet the president of a company; especially, when you're doing a paint inspection. I'm a firm believer you can tell a lot about a company by looking at the person "at the top". Your company and your employees are dedicated to their cause and it's a tribute to you and your concern for your customer.  It was a pleasure to meet you and our board looks forward to doing business with your company in 2015."

Buzz - Board President