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Swing Stage Painting OSHA Safe

Inside-Out Painting & Construction is OSHA trained and among the safest contractors in the Chicago Area when completing swing stage work. Inside-Out Painting & Inside-Out Construction Services use swing stages alongside suburban and urban sky-rise condominiums and commercial buildings. When choosing a contractor for this type of work make sure that they are taking all precautions necessary to keep your tenants, residents, and general public around your property safe.


SwingStage Painting

Swing Stage Harness

Inside-Out always uses overhead safety walkways to keep our job sites safe. Upon installation of our swing stage units, we make sure to consistently monitor, maintain, and test the strength of our rigging. In addition to our safety training we have OSHA certified trainers teach our painters & carpenters how to correctly operate and harness themselves when operating this type of equipment on your property.




"The buildings look great!!!!  What a huge improvement. We would like to budget 2 more buildings for next year."

Katie - Property Manager